Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my project?

This depends on a number of factors.

If you have a specific deadline long or short, we will try our hardest to meet it.

In all cases we will initially provide you with a timescale that we think is a realistic length of time to complete the work allowing for minor unforeseen delays and any testing that might be involved. We will also include a list of things we may require from you at some stage.

How frequently you're able to respond to our requests. Is everything we need from you (content, clarifications, response to emails, server information, meeting dates etc) provided correctly and in a timely fashion?

Generally speaking, the smoothest projects to turnaround are the ones which have the best of everything including Clarity with exactly what it is you're after and regular on going communication.

Any delays on our part such as technical issues will always be explained to you.

Do you provide web hosting?

Yes we can provide high speed VPS hosting for new or existing clients who's sites we built. Each tailored to specific levels of use and at an affordable price to suite most budgets. Be it a simple brochure website or complex data intensive application, our hosting is ultra fast and reliable.

Can I amend my website myself?

If your website has been built to include a CMS (Content Management System) then yes you'll be able to access and change specific parts of your website content through an easy to use control panel.

This is our preferred suggestion for large websites that require constant attention. Our eCommerce websites and database driven solutions by default will have a CMS.

Can you update my existing website?

In most cases yes. If you have an existing website your already happy with but may have parted company with your existing web designer and require content, images etc to be updated, we can take over these responsibilities for you.

Provide a list of the changes you need to make and we'll provide a quote and timescale to make them.

We would also require full access to the web server that holds your website in order to make changes. For Flash websites we would need the original .FLV files used to create it along with any unique font files used.

Is there a fee for ongoing maintenance of my new site?

Yes and no. Unlike some agencies we do not vanish immediately after completing your new site. We are always on hand to help keep your site working and up to date. We can be called 9am till 5.30pm GMT Monday - Friday and we are able to respond to emails during parts of the weekend.

Generally speaking, for any minor updates such as small text changes, swapping out an image, updating content on a single page there will be no fee as we really don't see the point. Larger changes that might globally alter a site such as adding entirely new pages, creating new features or amending the sites design can be offered either as a one off quote or via on-going support.

I don't have a website logo; can you help?

Yes we sure can. We provide a full branding service so can create your identity to go along with a new site or if you just need a logo designed for your business and nothing else, we are happy to do so. You can read more about our graphic design services.

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