Finally we are finished!

After 4 (yes 4!) iterations is finally finished. Well at least for the time being anyway.

I think it was over a year ago when I first started playing around with and then semi building, ideas for a new site which oddly all started with that space background you can just about see at the top and bottom of the site (downloadable wallpaper version to come). It is in fact one of 2 huge Photoshop illustrations I created as an experiment. Trying to see if I could create a _reasonable_ interpretation of a vast expanse of space (complete with planets). It then turned out that they looked pretty cool on a business card as well (the background not the planets).

Having completed the thing I got a friend to test the site on both his flashy new iPad and iPhone, surprisingly everything looked and worked the same, although don't quote me on this as I only had a chance to see the results through a variety of screen shots taken from each device.

My only frustration is that my chosen font for parts of the sites body text is Century Gothic and sadly not everyone can see this :(. Having said that, the text on the site seems to degrade to an acceptable font instead.

Let us know what you think or indeed if the site doesn't work on your web browser or handheld.

Hopefully the site serves as a good resource of everything being done here and I intend to update this news / blog with something mildly intesresting at least twice a week.

Till next time,

Have a good one.