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How to avoid landing page keyword confusion


So here is the scenario. You've just created a new section on your website dedicated to a sub group of your key services, written the content and submitted to Google. A few days later to check if your page has been indexed you conduct a SERPs lookup to see where your new page is placing. Confusingly another one of your pages, which is closely related, appears instead; so what's happened here and how can this be rectified?...

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Google Placing Brand Name at Start of Page Titles

Over the past few weeks we have been conducting some new activities throughout the site with regards to on-page SEO; fixing headings, descriptions, cleaning up some old links and just generally doing a little bit of spring cleaning. After some title changes, specifically on the home page; one interesting thing we noticed within SERPs was that Google had started placing our brand name at the start of our home page title tag rather than leaving it ...

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