Carlton Property Services Launched

Carlton Property Services Launched

After what seems like half a century, the Carlton Property Services website was launched last week.

Well in reality it was almost exactly 1 year ago when out of a surprise meeting at my sisters 29th birthday, that I met up again with Carl Westney the MD. A long time friend of the family who I hadn't seen since I was about 8 or 9 years old!

Anyway Carl had been in this game for many years and when deciding to get back onto the property management horse, contacted me and asked for a solution.

What we came up with was first a very robust content management system to handle all of he page contents throughout the site as well as the properties to be listed. This also included a shopping basket style feature where users can add properties to a folder and then send a message direct to the agent regarding all of the selected items. It certainly makes enquiries quicker and more steamlined.

In terms of the design, this seemed to hit the nail on the head with what Carl wanted. A clean, traditional but established looking site, lots of emphasis on the surrounding Greenwich area through a variety of stock images and key messages, which are animated on the home page. Carl had been in the game for over 20 years so we certainly didn't want this to look like a startup.

A long but fun project in the end. We should be working with Carl again in the near future on an interesting video led project.

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