8 Rules for Building a Successful E-Shot

Email marketing has been around for a while, and during its existence, it has suffered important transformations. Keeping in touch with clients via newsletter is no longer the only option for maintaining an interested audience. E-shots are the next best thing to your traditional newsletter, and the best thing about them is that, if you aim their design and message right, they sell and attract new customers. Here are the most important 8 rules for building a successful e-shot.

1. Text is equally important with images

Of course, you want your e-shots to be visually appealing. But keep in mind that HTML e-shots may not always display properly. Always include a text version of your e-shot, so that all clients can see the content, even in case there is a glitch.

2. Create a compelling call to action

Having a nicely design e-shot is, of course, important. However, you want the good impression you make on the people seeing the e-shot to lead to sales. This is why you need to create a compelling call to action to add at the end.

3. Make the e-shot display correctly

When you search for e-shot designers to help you with your digital marketing campaign, do not forget to ask them to create image free versions of your e-shots. If users have the display image option turned off, the e-shot will not display correctly when they open it.

4. Start with a good reason

E-mail marketing can be considered as annoying as telemarketing or the ads received in the physical mail. Explain your recipients why they are receiving the e-shot in the first place, and offer them a good reason to read further.

5. Stay spam free

To gain your customers' trust, you should offer them the option to unsubscribe from your email listing. This is essential to avoid being considered a spammer.

6. Use a compelling design to show benefits

To increase the appeal of your offers, use a compelling design that shows the benefits in large letters, or in nice, bold colours. The best course of action is to work with an e-shot design company with experience in creating such digital marketing products.

7. Include promotional codes

If clients want to unsubscribe from your list, there are some things you can do to prevent them from leaving. Offer them something they would find it difficult to refuse, such as promotional codes. This will keep them wanting for more, and in the end, convince them to stay.

8. Test your e-shot

To see how successful your e-shot will be, it is necessary to run a small scale test on a group of clients. If there are aspects that need adjusting, this little experiment will help improving the existing copy of your e-shot.

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