Custom Property Web Design Features

At Big Web Company we understand that the business goals and customer demographic of each estate agency or property portal may dither greatly across the board; the need for specific features or user interactivity to drive conversion rates is something we take seriously through on-going research and dialog with you from the very start. As such we provide each customer with a tailored approach to the sites we build for them to help maximise the effectiveness of the end result, while giving their customers an enjoyable online experience.

Your local business goals are unique as is our approach

Rather than serving pre-made templates with restrictive features and layouts as many other estate agent website design companies have been found to do, we treat you as unique and draw up a list of ideas and features based on your specific requirements. We do not believe in charging customers a premium for a unique bespoke estate agency website; you'll get the best quality from us as standard.

Below we have listed just some of the key elements we have found to be very beneficial to a successful property website. All of which are fully customisable and can be developed upon to meet your exact needs. If what you need is not listed here, do give us a call to discuss.

Website features to help increase conversions

  • Property search
  • Search
  • Image galleries
  • Galleries
  • Interactive Maps
  • Maps
  • Attachments
  • Attachments
  • Contact forms
  • Contact
  • CMS Management
  • Management
  • Social Networking
  • Social
  • SEO
  • SEO

Detailed and quick property search facilities

The heart of most estate agent websites is the property search. Giving customers a fast, accurate and easy to use means to find specific types of properties out of sometimes tens of thousands of potential results, is key to a property agents success online as potential buyers or tenants will simply look elsewhere if they can't find what they were looking for. We have a wealth of experience developing bespoke search engines for real estate website and below we have listed some of the key highlights we can develop for you.

  • Postcode and location search including property specifics such as commercial or land.
  • Speed up customer browsing with quick searches using set lists of clickable options.
  • Google or Bing maps can be used to display multiple property locations in relation to each other.
  • Including popup detail cards lets customers quickly overviews property summary and price.
  • Geo-location searches for mobile websites so users can find properties in their current location.
  • Display custom icons on a map that highlight schools, rail and local amenities.
  • Saved searches feature so that customers can store results and retrieve them later.

Showcase your properties with custom image galleries

An important advertising tool that helps customers browsing potential properties for sale and especially rental; the image gallery lets your property listings speak for themselves.

Through an easy to use control panel you'll be able to upload and caption dozens of addition images to help sell each of your listings.

Get interactive and display properties directly on a map

Traditionally speaking, property searches simply displayed a list of returned results; however with the advent of mapping APIs provided by Google and Bing a whole new world of interactivity has come about. Property search results can now be displayed directly on an map, giving customers a whole new way to view, browse and consider your search results.

  • Google or Bing maps can be used to display multiple property locations in relation to each other.
  • Refine search results even further with distance options.
  • Including popup detail cards lets customers quickly review property info and prices.
  • Display custom icons on a map that highlight schools, rail and local amenities.
  • Mapping APIs work great on mobile devices and can be linked to a users current location.

Upload a multitude of property related file attachments

With residential and commercial sales website we can provide the tools to upload a number of important documents that your customers may find invaluable as part of their decision making process. Everything from PDF floor plans, Energy Performance Certificates, Property Particulars, Groundsure or corporate brochures can all be attached to individual listings.

Connect with your customers through online forms

A common part of any property website is the inclusion of some method for customers to get in touch. However this doesn't have to stop at the usually contact us form but can in fact be extended into specific areas of your business, to allow a more direct and intention aware way to sell your services.

Below are some of the ways online forms can be used to aid in customer conversion.

  • Valuation enquiry forms for people selling commercial or residential properties.
  • Save time and postage with online registration forms for new tenants.
  • Online forms for landlord enquires and potential partnerships.
  • Get a quote pages for home removal, cleaning or furniture services you may provide.
  • Text and email property alert sign up forms so customers can get your latest updates.
  • Business newsletter or e-shot signup forms.
  • Sign up to special promotions or give-aways.
  • Tradesmen enquiry forms for customers looking for plumbers and other professionals.

An easy to use and secure property management system

A property management system is the back-end control panel you'll use to administer your property information, upload images, change prices, listing status or write posts in your business blog. Big Web Company create custom solutions built specific to your sites features and the level of control you require, our property software is easy to use, secure and future proofed when you need it to do more.

Below is a summary of features we typically include in sites we have built.

  • Setup the administrators of your site.
  • Add, update and manage every aspect of your property listings.
  • Upload additional images to form image galleries.
  • Specify your featured properties to showcase on the home page.
  • Add and manage your property data feeds.
  • Manage applicants, tenants and website enquiries.
  • Create brochure pages such as landlord information.
  • Upload downloadable attachments and other files.
  • Set email and text message alert settings.
  • Manage your business blog and create new posts.

Social networking and sharing of property information

One of the most effective ways to let people know about your new properties, developments or recent sales is through social networking. As standard we include social buttons to any related sites you're connected with and this can be extended to your property listings so that customers can share what they find with potentially interested friends or family.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just some of the many sites today you can utilise in building a voice for your brand and connecting with your audience. YouTube in particular is powerful for the property industry in that you can easily publish video and showcase your most profitable listings.

SEO search engine optimised property websites

A standard part of our property and estate agent web design is on-page optimisation. By default your site will be designed and built using current best practices with both users and search engines in mind; we make sure your property listings can be found easily and indexed by the major search engines with as minimal delay as possible.