Property Portal Data Feed Integration

Rightmove, Zoopla, Trovit and XML2U property portal data feed integration services

Send your property portfolio automatically to the portal sites using XML and BLM feeds

With years of experience both integrating and developing custom data feed applications for industries such as clothing, footwear, property, sports, betting, company formations and the price comparison markets, you can trust we have both the technical ability, knowledge and the pro-active advice needed to develop a reliable and effective solution for your website or online application.

Whether you need to connect your residential sales and lettings websites to Zoopla or Rightmove; developed your own portal and have a requirement to import properties from other websites in XML or BLM (Bulk Load Mass) format; Big Web Company are here to assist and offer competitive prices, fast turnaround and robust solutions that are either fully automated or partly managed.

Upload to Rightmove & Zoopla in real-time

Why Choose Us To Integrate Your Property Data Feed?

  • Extensive experience having integrated literally dozens of different data feed formats and APIs across a range of industries including real estate, UK government, the betting industry, retail, automotive and affiliate marketing, we have a sound understanding of both code and server level requirements to effectively import or export data in any web based application. We have also developed from scratch a custom real-time commercial property API and bulk data feed formats for some of our clients, such as the one documented here. Most companies cannot claim this level of experience.
  • Competitive prices. To keep prices competitive, we cost each project based on individual needs and type of integration. We don't have a flat rate for every website as we understand that each brief is different and the way in which you wish to use or display the data can vary greatly.
  • Pro-active. We have gained a unique perspective of feeds and will always advise you on the best approaches for implementating data feeds within your site. Different database structures and server performance issues will form a major factor in what's achievable and we take a pro-active approach in keeping you informed of potential tweaks your application may benefit from to work at it's best. So whether you need to automate sending your properties to Zoopla or are in the process of building a website that enables agents and property managers the ability to upload properties on mass to you, give us a call.
  • Project management. We understand the difficulties of communicating complex tasks directly with geeks and as such will project manage your development team from start to finish. Whether it's presenting ideas to your director, the planning of your database structure, implementation or testing we are on hand to make sure everyone has a sound understanding of the work involved, clear instructions, and actionable tasks.

Personal service combined with an amazing knowledge

We recently developed a suite of new websites. We searched the web for someone capable of creating automatic data feeds to various property portals. We bounced off most companies offering their services and some were very unhelpful. Then we found Leon at the bigwebcompany. What a relief. Super personal service combined with an amazing knowledge of the technicalities of doing a complicated job like this. He is always available. He is no 9-5 er. He just gets it done. We want to keep him on board for ever.

So what now? How do I get started with integrating property data feeds into my website?

If you already have an account with one the portal sites such as Zoopla, Trovit or Rightmove we can implement a feature on your website so that as you add, update or remove properties these are automatically uploaded to your portal account, saving you valuable time and the need to repeat administrative work.

Rightmove V3 & Real Time Feed Integration


The most popular property feed is offered by Rightmove using their V3 .BLM (Bulk Load Mass) format. Almost universally accepted by other portal websites and Estate Agency Software, integrating this data feed within your application will give you the widest opportunities for your property portfolio to be seen online. We offer both Rightmove data feed export development in all of their key formats such as V3, V3i, V4 and RTDF, for sales and lettings websites as well as Rightmove integration for sites aiming to allow end users facilities to import properties into their site either locally or via remote URL / FTP. Contact us here with your requirements.

Zoopla Data Feed & API Integration Services


Currently the most popular property portal in the UK Zoopla offer a variety of means to both advertise properties within their site as well as APIs to display their extensive archive within your own application. Being a major portal they accept many of the existing data feed formats such as Rightmove V3 and the older FastCrop C1 XML format, we offer Zoopla integration for all of the compatible formats they accept as well as services for all of their property API and supporting data. Contact us here with your requirements.

Trovit XML Homes Feed Integration


Trovit is a classified advert search engine covering a variety of categories including auto, homes and jobs. If you would like to display your property portfolio on their search engine you'll first need to export your listings into an XML feed and then provide the URL to Trovit. They will periodically import your feed data into their site, listing your properties. We provide professional integration services in the Trovit Homes XML Feed format. Contact us here with your requirements.

Kyero Overseas XML Feed Integration

Kyero overseas is an award winning property portal advertising overseas properties for sale and for rent in and around Spain. If you are an overseas estate agent with properties waiting to reach a wide international audience, then is an ideal place to be. For agents with a large portfolio of villas and apartments, manually managing your stock via multiple sites can be a nightmare, which is why Kyero offer an XML feed import service which allows the automation of this process direct from your own website or application. Contact us here with your requirements.

Primelocation Data Feed Integration


Primelocation who are now part of the Zoopla Property Group is one of the first property portals to appear online. Covering all of the UK and a growing part of the overseas market, Primelocation is the 'prime' website to be advertising your listings. If Primelocation are one of sites you would like to automate the process of sending a data feed contact us here with your requirements.

Property portals or feeds imported from other sites

Custom feed integration is our specialty and we welcome the challenge of a new site looking to import feeds from other websites, services of agents. Get in touch and one of our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

Some of the many data feeds and services we have worked with:

Rightmove V3, Rightmove V3i, Rightmove RTDF, FastCrop, XML2U, Trovit,, Zoopla API, Property Portal Feeder, INRIX, Yelp, MH Village (US), Google, Ebay, GovTalk (UK Government), Bet365, Linkshare, Groupon, Realex, HSBC, NAB Transac (AUS)...

Confused by all of this property data feed talk?

If your totally new to XML data feeds no problem; we understand property data feeds can be a little confusing so please give us a call and we will be happy to explain the basics and how best to get your site working to import or export a feed completely by itself. Once we understand the structure of your website, the process of feed integration is reasonably straightforward, you wont even need to do anything for it to work.

Want to learn more about property feeds?
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